Matt Barber Experience | May 2023

The Song Is You | New Album Preview

Matt’s long-awaited new album, “The Song Is You” is now available! Produced in Los Angeles with a cast of world-class musicians, the album showcases brilliant new arrangements by pianist Bradley Young, bassist David Enos, and pianist/guitarist Stephan Oberhoff.  The album features a variety of favorite standards and a few surprises as well.  You can download/stream the album on major platforms including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and Pandora.  You can also buy a CD via the Matt Barber Store

Matt performs "I Remember You" live at Alhambra Performing Arts Center - Remembering Mack Goldsbury

Matt performs “I Remember You” live at Alhambra Performing Arts Center in Alhambra, CA on November 12, 2022 featuring Mack Goldsbury on saxophone.  Mack sadly passed away on December 26, 2022.  He was an extremely gifted musician who toured internationally and appeared on over 80 albums.  He will be deeply missed.  This was the last time Mack performed live.


"Matt, I congratulate you on your ability of keeping alive the great music we know and love. Keep up the good work and I wish you continued success!"
Vinnie Falcone (former pianist for Frank Sinatra)
Matt Barber Music | Jazz Vocalist